Jane Davis

Jane Davis has been a full-time nanny for the last five years, and she loves the children like they were her own. She also provides respite hours for one family through Howard Center in Burlington. Last year in her off-duty hours, she started senior care and found that this is also very rewarding.

Jane grew up in Colorado and attended the University of Oregon. She holds a B.A. degree in Elementary Education, and is certified in First Aid and CPR. "Through my 37 years of teaching, I learned goal setting, flexible thinking, patience, compassion, empathy and acceptance. These skills transfer readily to all areas of life. Caregiving has been a part of my lifelong efforts to nurture and support all ages. The challenges presented in aging are many, and unique to each person.”

One of her sons is an international lawyer living in Moscow, Russia. They shared the pain of losing his brother to suicide 18 years ago. Jane has a deep history of caring for loved ones: “My mother had dementia, my son had mental illness, and my grandson is autistic. Even when my own mother and son no longer recognized me, I knew their hearts were full of love and they needed love in return. Depression in adults is also high on my list of awareness."