Here you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We will continue to add to this section. If there are any others questions you’d like to ask us, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US. Thank you for your interest in Silver Leaf In-Home Care.

1. Why should I choose Silver Leaf In-Home Care over other agencies?

Silver Leaf is a local, Vermont-owned business. Silver Leaf has an outstanding reputation for the past 19 years with all of our clients and their family members. We are not part of a large franchise system, so we are able to accept fewer clients and offer a higher level of service.

Silver Leaf is known for providing very personalized services to our clients. Caregivers and owner Patty Bergeron stay in close contact with clients and their families, making sure their needs are being met at all times. It is also important to Silver Leaf that the clients and caregivers are carefully matched so that they have a good working relationship. We go above and beyond to bring joy to our clients, including arranging special outings, birthdays and other celebrations.

Finally, Silver Leaf’s caregivers tend to stay with us for years, not months. This provides stability and a high level of experience that is noticed and appreciated by our clients.

2. How are your caregivers selected?

Silver Leaf’s caregivers are often referred by loyal caregivers who have been working for Silver Leaf for many years. Otherwise, they are selected through local advertising and are interviewed by the owner who does a complete State of Vermont (VT) background check prior to hiring them. All of Silver Leaf’s caregivers are LNA’s and/or have comparable years of experience. Silver Leaf’s caregivers are also bonded and fully insured.

3. How are caregivers trained?

When a caregiver is selected to work for a particular client, the owner of Silver Leaf In-Home Care will spend as many hours as necessary training the caregiver on-site until they feel comfortable being on their own. Further training will be given, if needed, throughout the care of the client.

4. Are your caregivers bonded?

Yes, Silver Leaf’s caregivers are fully insured and bonded and are also covered by Worker’s Compensation for any injuries that may take place while they are working.

5. Who is responsible for paying the caregivers?

Silver Leaf In-home Care is responsible for paying the caregivers, including all payroll deductions and employment taxes. Silver Leaf does all of the scheduling online and sends in payroll hours bi-weekly to a payroll service.

6. What are your rates and minimum hours of service per day?

Silver Leaf charges by the hour. The rates are flexible depending on client’s needs and locality. Silver Leaf In-Home Care offers a minimum of 4 hours per day up to a maximum of 24 hours per day. Basic care is $25-$28 per hour.

7. How do you do your billing?

Silver Leaf sends out an invoice bi-weekly for services provided. The owner of Silver Leaf can also manage expenses such as groceries, medical supplies or other needs ~ these are invoiced monthly.

8. Are your services covered by Medicare or private insurance?

No, Silver Leaf is a non-medical, private-pay service. In most cases, if you have long-term care insurance, it will cover a certain amount of the fees for care.

9. Do I have to sign a contract?

Silver Leaf has each client sign a Care Agreement after the client and the family are satisfied with the caregivers selected to work with them. The terms of the agreement remain in full force until completion of the services as stated by the client or their family. Silver Leaf understands that the hours agreed upon may change during the course of the client’s care and does not hold the client to these hours.

10. How do you ensure coverage if a caregiver is ill or has to miss work?

If Silver Leaf agrees to provide service for a certain amount of hours, those hours will be covered or we will call to make other arrangements. If it is a 24-hour-care situation, those hours are guaranteed to be covered no matter what happens. If a caregiver cannot make it in or does not show up, the owner will make sure a qualified person is there as a replacement. Very rarely this has been the owner herself. A client will never be left alone if 24-hour-care is required.

The owner is in contact with the caregivers on a daily basis and available to them for any concerns or problems 24 hours a day.