Angela Reynolds

Angela Reynolds

  • Joined Silver Leaf in 2017.
  • Has worked in health care since 2002.
  • She loves helping seniors feel empowered, as well as working with anyone who has experienced loss or trauma.

A calm and consistent caregiver can help a client regain their sense of inner strength.

Jim Trombley Square

Jim Trombley

  • Sixteen years as a Care Giver
  • Invaluable experience with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Brain Injury, Seizure Disorders and Stroke
  • Jim’s passion for helping others is evident in his calm and compassionate demeanor.
Katherine Pemberton

Katherine Pemberton

  • Joined Silver Leaf in 2014.
  • Spent nearly ten years as a personal trainer, getting to know her clients and helping them achieve the life changes.
  • She prides herself on anticipating the needs of each client.

“I know my efforts are appreciated when I see the smile on their faces, the appreciation in their eyes and the warmth of their hug.”

Gretchen Cannady

Gretchen Cannady

  • With Silver Leaf since 2009
  • Started caregiving in her teens
  • Hired Silver Leaf to help with her mother before coming to work for them

“It was the perfect arrangement. My mother received very personalized care, which she looked forward to, and I was able to get out occasionally, to have a little time for myself knowing she was in good hands.”

Rebecca Koval

Rebecca Koval

  • Caregiver to the elderly since 2005
  • Enjoys getting to know clients and learning about them

“Caregiving is much more than a job to me. It’s relationship building, it’s connection.”


Barbara Siwirski

Barbara Siwirski

  • Been with Silver Leaf since 2013
  • Worked at a facility for seniors with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease

“Since then I have worked with a variety of clients with many diverse needs. I wanted to do something where I could be of help to somebody else.”

Kathie Berard2_250px

Kathie Berard

  • 30 years experience in higher education
  • Motivated to help people feel good about where they are in life
  • Builds relationships between our caregivers and clients

“The smallest of steps can often
help a client take a giant leap toward
where they need to be next.”


Odale Cress

Odale Cress

  • With Silver Leaf since 2015
  • Over 20 years of caretaker experience
  • Over 30 years of travel experience
  • Master's degree in Cultural Tourism/Culinary Anthropology

“My job is to make your vacation
a success! I look forward to
traveling with you!”

Donna Burnette

Donna Burnette

  • Caregiver to the elderly for 10+ years
  • She considers her clients like her family
  • Considers this work to be the most rewarding job she’s ever had
Melissa Benson

Melissa Benson

  • Been with Silver Leaf since 2016
  • Working with individuals with diversified needs, including patients with dementia, ICU, Trauma, and Rehab
  • She enjoys going into clients’ homes helping to brighten their days

“Each client is so different from the next and I always learn something from each one.”

Donna Weisman

  • She enjoys helping her clients reach their goals
  • Years of experience with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and stroke
  • Began caring for her life-partner twenty years ago providing hospice for him until his death and has been a caregiver ever since

“Though technically considered a senior myself, I thoroughly enjoy what I do and  staying active and fit is a big part of that.”


Stacy Colburn

Stacey Colburn

  • Working for Silver Leaf since 2003.
  • Doing private in-home care for the elderly since 1990.
  • Experienced with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, seizures, diabetes, sleep disorders, heart disease.

“I love taking care of the elderly and helping them to remain in their homes where they are comfortable.”

Jane Rushford

Jane Rushford

  • Silver Leaf since 2010
  • Completed an intensive caregiving training program
  • 25 years of experience providing private in-home care for the elderly

“I get great satisfaction taking care of the elderly – I especially love listening to their life stories.”


Linda Birkenbach

Linda Birkenbach

  • With Silver Leaf since 2011
  • B.A. in Social Work and worked as a children’s social worker
  • Worked with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, non-ambulatory patients and stroke victims

“It is so rewarding working one-on-one with the elderly in a home atmosphere.  I also like having a flexible schedule so I can teach my exercise classes.”

Karen Bell Large

Karen Bell

  • Bachelor's Degree in Communication Science and Psychology
  • In-home care is her favorite job
  • Enjoys focusing on one individual

“I consider it an honor to be let into someone’s life and to be trusted support to both them and their family.”


Jessica Parrot

Jessica Parrott

  • She's been an LNA for 16 years
  • Experience working with Alzheimer's clients

“I enjoy getting to know my residents.
They are very special people to work with.”


Kathy Thomas

Kathy Thomas

  • 25 years experience caring for
    the elderly
  • Enjoys helping her clients with everyday challenges

“I find that each of my clients is
special to me.”