Looking for a rewarding, flexible second career?


Consider in-home caregiving. Here’s a good overview – Happy to say that Silver Leaf In-Home Care pays above minimum wage and we have low turnover!

5 Common Questions about Hiring In-Home Care


Here is some excellent guidance on making the decision about in-home care. From our friends at care.com. https://www.care.com/a/5-common-questions-about-hiring-in-home-care-1414689507106

Elder Care Costs Continue to Rise, Making In-Home Care More Appealing


One reason to choose in-home care: cost. Check out this article on how the cost of living for seniors is rising, especially for those in assisted living facilities. Elder Care Costs Continue to Rise, Making In-Home Care More Appealing

The Benefits of In-Home Care


Here is a great article that I found. It simply and effectively explains why in-home care is so important. Click this to read “The Benefits of In-Home Care” article.

The importance of preventive care (for all ages).


As a care manager, I see the benefits of a commitment to a healthy lifestyle including regular physical exercise all the time.  I find that my clients lead lives that are more interesting and fulfilling when they preserve their mobility … Continued

Meet Penny.


The newest member of our household and my new best friend. Penny is a beautiful six-year-old Standard poodle. She came to me in May through a client. Her story shows just how much trust and bonding develops in the course of … Continued